Textile Recycling International Limited

Textile Recycling International Limited (TRIL) is the holding company for five of the UK’s leading textile recyclers, JMP Wilcox, Nathan's Wastesavers, Cookstown Textile Recyclers, BIU Group and SWD Premier Clothing Exports Ltd.

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The group is Europe’s largest textile recycler, employing over 1200 people in the collection, sorting, grading and recycling of 2500 tonnes of used clothing, shoes and other textiles every week. We provide textile recycling services to charities, local authorities and waste companies throughout the UK and Ireland. We also provide tailor made solutions to clothing manufacturers and retailers, helping them to reduce the environmental impact of textile production and ‘fast fashion’by providing an alternative to incineration or landfill.

Established in 1895, JMP Wilcox is the UK’s largest processor and exporter of quality used clothing to Africa, Eastern Europe and Asia. Working closely with charities, local authorities and fashion retailers, Wilcox have challenged old ideas and practices and developed new systems in the fields of collection, sorting, marketing and distribution. The “state of the art” processing unit is ideally positioned in the West Midlands and processes over 50,000 tons of material per annum.

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Based in Scotland, Nathans Wastesavers founded in 1903 are one of the UK’s largest textile recycling companies. Over 250 people sort, grade and process over 600 tonnes of textile material every week. We are committed to creating and protecting jobs in the UK and export our recycled products to Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe. We work closely with national and local charity organisations, local authorities and waste management companies on a national basis. Our purpose built facility centrally located houses modern grading equipment that ensures fast processing
and sorting times.

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Cookstown Textile Recyclers (CTR) is Ireland’s largest textile recycling company of more than 20 years, employing over 250 staff. We work closely with charities, government bodies and waste management organisations, both locally and nationally, to divert used clothes and textiles from landfill. CTR employs over 250 people processing thousands of tonnes of clothing per year. Which is the correct number you were given?

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BIU was formed in 2005, to focus on partnering with charities and provide them with long term, sustainable funding. We have since expanded and provides textile recycling services to local authorities, waste management companies and charities. As a trusted partner, BIU helps its customers meet sustainability, waste and financial targets with a transparent, efficient and ethical service.

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SWD is a Manchester based, family run business specialising in the collection, re-use and recycling of used textiles and shoes for export. Operating since 2001, we are registered recyclers, members of the Textile Recyclers Association.
We collect and export up to 80,000kg of used clothing and shoes per week. We export to many countries, including Africa, Eastern Europe, Pakistan, and Ukraine.

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We partner with businesses to work towards ‘sustainable textile recycling targets’ and reduce the cost of UK fashion. Download our recent overview document and see how we can help your business.
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Affiliated Bodies

All group members of Textile Recycling are proud to be associated with the following Industry bodies.

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